In the past few days and through different sources we have received very troubling news in regards to the oppression of Kurdish students in Iran. Currently at least one student Mr. Habiblollah Lotfi who is a student at the “Payame Nour” University has been sentenced to death.

Further from “Razi” University in Kermanshah Mr. Sattar Parvizi has been sentenced to 16 years of imprisonment, Mr. Khabat Yousefi to 13 years of imprisonment and Mr. Hosseing Rahmani to 6 years of imprisonment.

In further disturbing news the Revolutionary Court in the City of Sanandaj sentenced Mr. Yaser Goli to 10 years of imprisonment. Mr. Goli is a student at a private university in the City of Sanandaj. Mr. Goli is also a social work Major, the president of The “Democratic Organization of Kurdish Students in Iran.” He is also an editor for a Farsi Kurdish Student newsletter in the University of Sanandaj.

Further the 3 year prison sentence agasint Mr. Khazur Rasoulmorut has been confirmed by the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Appeal. Mr. Morut was a literature major in the University of Sanandaj, he resided in the village of “Talavo” where the residents are mostly of Kurdish ethnicity. Mr. Mourt also taught Kurdish language.

Also news received from the Evin Prison indicates that two Kurdish students Mr. Sabah Nasri and Mr. Hedayat Ghazali were taken to solitary cells and have been subjected to continuous interrogation for the past 20 days. The reason behind this is their involvement in a hunger strike.

The arrest of Kurdish Students also continues. A student named Varya Moruti was arrested in the city of Sanandaj and take to an unknown location. Mr. Moruti is a 25 year old student at “Payame Nour” University. He is also a member of a group called “Jiyareveh”. He was arrested at his home.

Two other Kurdish students Mr. Pejman Zafari and Mr. Peyman Hosseini who had been arrested a few months ago were released on a 30 million toman bail.

Currently there are at least 15 Kurdish students in Islamic Regime Prisons. These individuals are:

1. Habbibollah Lotfi- death sentence
2. Yaser Goli- 10 years imprisonment
3. Sattar Parvizi- 16 years imprisonment
4. Khebat Yousefi- 13 years imprisonment
5. Hossein Rahmani- 6 years imprisonment
6. Sabah Nasri- Originally sentenced to 2 years, court of appeal reduced it to 1.5 years
7. Hedayat Ghazali- Originally sentenced to 2 years, court of appeal reduced it to 1.5 years.
8. Khodro Rasoul Morut- 3 years imprisonment
9. Jamal Rahmani- 6 years imprisonment
10. Amir Reza Ardalan- Originally sentenced to 1 year imprisonment, court of appeal reduced it to 6 months.
11. Rashid Abdollahi- 3 years imprisonment.
12. Ms. Hanna Abdi-Originally sentenced to 5 years imprisonment, it was reduced to 1.5 years.
13. Ms. Ronak Safarzadeh- She is in custody, no conviction or sentencing as of yet.
14. Siyvan Farokhnejad- In custody, no conviction or sentence as of yet
15. Varya Moruti- In custody, no conviction or sentence as of yet.

The following news report was recieved by the organizers of Berxodan, Zendan va Mobareze.

Translated by: Sayeh Hassan


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