Name: Fasih ( Fateh) Yasmini.
Date of Birth: 1360 Iranian Calendar.
National Identity Number: 613

Conviction: Death Sentence.
Health: Suffering from Neurological disorder and epilepsy.
Seven months ago in his Village, ( Hendawan) part of Khoy County was arrested with his father by the Iranian authorities. His father Mr Hussein Yasmini, 65 years old has been sentenced to 2 years imprisonment.

Mr. Yasmini has been accused of being a member one of the Kurdish political parties, and fighting against the national security of Iran. Fasih Yasmini was convicted and sentenced to death by the Revolutionary Court in Khoy, Court room one. According to some sources his conviction had been issued 10-15 days before the Trial.

His Case has been sent to the Court of Appeal in West Azerbayjan Province, Court of Appeal, Branch 10.

His case reference number in the Court of Appeal: 870975/87/10

Defendant: Iranian Intelligent services (ETelaiat)

He has been sentenced on bases of documents that were provided by the Iranian Intelligent service on trial date. Mr. Yasmini claims that he has been repeatedly under the brutal torture in order to sign Etelaits document.

His family is extremely worried about their sons well being and health situation.

By: Ahmad Andaryari


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