It has been more then 20 days since the Kurdish political and social prisoners have gone on a nationwide hunger strike. As far as I know this is the first organized prisoner movement in the past few years, however I for one am so disappointed to see the censorship surrounding this hunger strike.

I have tried to post up to date news about the hunger strike on my blog, however many sites who post my news on a very regular basis have completely ignored any news that has to do with this hunger strike.

The petition I have prepared has gotten less then 300 signatures. I just can't figure it out. When did being Kurdish equate to being a separatist? Many of individuals who are on hunger strike are teachers, journalists, students and women's rights activists. They are not armed separatists. The prisoners are asking for humane prison conditions, they're asking for an end to executions, isn't this what we all want? Don't we want this for all prisoners?

Then why the silence? why the censorship? Why is it that when it came to Akbar Gangi whom many believe is the mouth piece of Regime (myself included) such major campaigns were going on and the whole world heard about him, however when genuine prisoners who are truly working for freedom and against the Regime come together and create such an amazing and organized movement we close our eyes and turn our heads away?

At the end of the day aren't we all Iranians? aren't we all fighting for the same thing?

I am urging those who read this to break the censorship, the Islamic Regime already punishes the Kurdish people for their ethnicity, lets not do the same thing.

Long Live Freedom
Down with Dictatorship


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