According to news received from central Prison in Esfehan today Reza Hajazi was transferred to solitary cells along with three (3) other individuals to await execution. Mr. Hejazi was convicted of murder at the age of 15 in 2004.
According to his family he is to be executed at 4:00am on Tuesday August 19th 2008. Although many international human rights organizations have voiced their concern and condemned the execution order, Saeed Mortazavi the Prosecutor General has ordered for the execution to be carried out.
The family of Reza Hajazi has asked all human rights activists and organizations to take immediate steps in the few remaining hours to help stop the execution of their son.
Further today three (3) other prisoners (named below) were transferred to solitary cells to await execution.
1. Asghar Ismaili- 25 years old- Ward 2- Central Esfehan Prison
2. Mehdi Karimi- Educational Ward, Central Esfehan Prison
3. Ali Mohammadi-23 years old – Ward 4 of the Central Esfehan Prison
It must be noted that Bijan Shah Mansouri (30 years old) who was imprisoned for about three (3) years in Ward 4 of Esfehan Prison, was transferred to solitary cells on Tuesday August 12th and executed on Thursday August 14th 2008. However the General Prosecutors Office has not allowed for the publication of this news.
Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran condemn the execution of young offenders as well as execution of prisoners in general and urge all human rights organizations to take immediate steps to help save the life of Reza Hajazi.
Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran
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