According to further news recieved through a phone conversation with Mr. Hardani, the hunger strike of Mr. Hardani and Mr. Radpour which started Yesterday on August 5th 2008 continues.

As a way of punishment the prison officials have taken Mr. Hardani and Mr. Radpour outside under the sun and kept them there for 1.5 hours, under the guise of head count, without giving them any protection from the sun or any water.

Today at 10:30am Iran time Mr. Mansour Radpour was taken to an unkonwn location in the prison. There is no furhter news regarding his condition.

The Requests of these two prisoners are:

1. An independent committee from the United Nations Visits the Prison and investigates the condition of political prisoners.

2. Transfer of political prisoners to a seperate ward away from non-political, dangerous inmates.

Please stay tuned for further updates.

Political Prisoner Khaled Hardani
Section 4 of Gohardasht Prison

The Voice of Human Rights in Iran.


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