According to news received from Tehran on Friday August 22nd 2008 12 student activists were arrested in Laleh Park by officers from Division 3 of the Intelligence Ministry.

All 12 students were transferred to Division 3 of the Intelligence Ministry. Five of the students arrested were women. Number of students who were arrested had previously been involved in the commemoration of the December 7 Student Day and had spent a lengthy period of time in Section 209 of the Evin Prison.

Names of some of the students who were arrested are:

1. Hamed Mohammadi
2. Nader Ehsani
3. Bita Samimizad
4. Elham Ehsani
5. Nima Nahvi
6. Saeed

All the female students who were arrested with the exception of Ms. Elham Ehsani were released on bail. As well an unnamed male student was also released on bail.

Those released on bail were told to report to the police station on Saturday August 23rd 2008.

The families of these individuals went to the police station to find out about their children’s’ situation; however the only answer they received was that their children were arrested for participation in an illegal gathering in Laleh Park. The families of these students spent most of the night in front of the police station.

The Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran condemn the new wave of mass arrests of activists and urge all human rights organizations to take steps to bring Islamic Regime’s human rights violations before the United Nations Security Council.

Published on Friday August 22nd 2008

Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran
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