The original article could be found on the site of Faalane hoghughe bashar va democracy dar iran.
The translation, once again by no other than myself.

Farhad Hajmirzayi’s Health is Suffering Greatly in Section 209 of the Evin Prison

According to news received from Section 209 of the Evin Prison Mr. Farhad Hajmirzayi who was kidnapped by the Ministry of Intelligence Officials in the city of Sanadaj 7 months ago was detained in solitary confinement for 11 days, in the Ministry of Intelligence Detention Centre in the city of Sanandaj.
After being subjected to torture for 11 days he was transferred to Section 209 of the Evin Prison in Tehran. He spent 90 days in solitary confinement in Section 209 where he was interrogated by the Ministry of Intelligence Officials and was subjected to both physical and psychological torture.
The torture Mr. Hajmirzayi was subjected to included electric shock, beatings with electrical cables, being hand cuffed for days at a time, threats of rape, threats of infecting him with AIDS or Hepatitis just to name a few.
The purpose of this torture was to force Farhad into false confessions including theft of an automobile, preparation of fake documents, as well as ownership of illegal firearms, however even under these very difficult conditions Farhad refused to confess.
The interrogator who tortured Mr. Hajmirzayi is named Haj Saeed which is a nick name for Saeed Sheykhan who is an interrogator who works for the Ministry of Intelligence.
As a result of torture he is suffering from heart and vision problems, and was unable to walk for a long period of time, forced to use a wheelchair. After seven months of imprisonment Mr. Hajmirzayi is still imprisoned in Section 209 of the Evin Prison.
The file of Mr. Hajmirzayi is in Branch 2 of the Revolutionary court under the supervision of a Mullah named Mousavi. The family of Mr. Hajmirzayi have gone to this court on numerous occasions, however Mullha Mousavi refuses to meet this family in person. Their inquiries are answered only by phone by an individual called Zarghami who works for Mousavi. Mousavi had a close working relationship with Lajevardi who was the infamous “butcher” of the Evin Prison.
Zarghami’s dealings with Mr. Hajmirzayi’s family has been insulting and inhumane. They have not been told what Mr. Hajmirzyi has been charged with.
Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran condemn the kidnapping, solitary confinemtn as well as inhumane torture of Mr. Hajmirzayi and ask all human rights organizations to act quickly to help prevent the inhumane treatment of political prisoners in Iran.


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