When I first saw the video of Hossein and Majid Kavousifar I did not undrestand why he was smiling while being taken to his execution.

Two weeks ago I was looking for a good Akbar Mohammadi picture to frame, I chose one where he is wearing a suit, there is no smile on his face. My dad told me that I should find a picture where he is smiling, because we should never show the enemy that we feel sad, discouraged or defeated. Thats exactly what I did, I found a picture of him smiling.

I recently had the pleasure of reading Akbar Mohammadi's Memoirs, a quote stuck with me "I am not afraid of death. It is quite true that life is precious, life is sweet but for freedom and in defense of the people, death is even sweeter"

I have been thinking about Kavousifar's and Akbar Mohammadi's smile for quite sometime now, and it finally came together. Now I undrestand why he was smiling.
Kavousifar's smile was not one of defeat, it was of victory, it was a smile mocking the oppressors and telling them that the end is near...

I will never forget that smile...


  1. Justice For All said...
    Mr. Majid Hussien Kavous Far proved to all Iranian people not to fear the cleric regime in Iran. He embraced death with joy and glory.
    Anonymous said...
    He diserved to die, that murder schwine!
    T. Kennedy said...
    majid Kavosifar was a truly BRAVE HERO. Only 22 years old and ready to make such a glorious sacrifice.

    His joyful smile was because he knew in his heart he had done something worthwhile. He had rid the world of an animal, a cruel, ignorant 'killing' Judge who was devoid of ALL human compassion or understanding.

    Majid is in heaven with Jesus and all the angels and saints.

    What he did was a true altruistic sacrifice for the good people of Iran.

    He killed a shameless mass murdering Judge, Hassan Moghadas, who had ordered the cowardly executions of thousands of Iranians, on trumped up charges, who clearly did NOT deserve to die.

    Some people, perhaps the brain washed Persian conservatives who think the dictatorship in Iran is okay may say, 'oh, he deserved to die' but they are simply ignorant and unintelligent people, with no understanding of what a civilized country is or what human rights mean.

    Majid was a true hero and what he did for his fellow brothers and sisters of Iran was immeasurable.

    He will be rewarded in heaven, not with dozens of Virginal demon angels, as in the Cult of Islam, but by being at peace.

    If heaven is 'spiritual' then there is nothing in it so base as sex. Heaven is not of this world. It is levels above simple earthly desires and brutality.

    This lovely young man is at peace. He died KNOWING he would be rewarded with such a gift, the gift of peace.

    That is the reason he is smiling that happy and hopeful smile. He knew where he was headed and what would be his reward.

    He is at peace, and in heaven.

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