Someone just sent me this disturbing video

I did not realize what it was until a few seconds into it. I have to admit I did not have the strength to watch it all, and stopped at the point where these young men stand at the noose smiling. Hossein and Majid Kavousifar were convicted of the murder of a top revolutionary court judge, who was responsible for the imprisonment of many political prisoners. They were hanged on Thursday in Tehran in public.

While I in no way advocate violence and am actually completely against it, I do believe these executions took place for political reasons rather then criminal. In the past month alone more then 42 people have been executed in Iran, number of them publicly. The execution of Majid and Hossein Kavousifar was the first public execution in Iran in the past 5 years. This is Islamic Regime's way of spreading fear and terror among Iranian people especially dissidents and to show that no one is safe. In the face of last months protests against the rationing of oil as well as non stop advocacy by women, worker, teacher, student and journalist groups Islamic Regime knows that it is in trouble and will not stop at anything to silence these voices of opposition. If we are not careful, alert and active there is no guarantee that the mass executions of 1988 will not be repeated.

I really don't know what I found to be more disturbing in this video, the nature of the execution being public, or the fact that thousands of people gathered to watch, man of them smiling or the silence of millions of Iranians as well as the International Community in the face of such atrocities.

Please lets break the silence before its too late...


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