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The Revolutionary Court in the city of Oroumiey has sentenced Hossein Forohideh, a political activist to death and is planning to execute him today March 16, 2007.

Four months ago Mr. Forohideh was arrested in the Kurdistan of Iran and was subjected to severe torture. For three months his family had no news about his whereabouts. They tried to find out his whereabouts by going to various Security and Judiciary Agencies but were not successful and slowly started losing hope in regards to him still being alive.

Hossein Forohidehs mother visited him on March 14, 2007 in Prison and spoke regarding her visit:

“After months of not having any news from my son, I received a
call from the Intelligence Services in the Oromiye Prison asking
me to go and visit my son. They wanted me to tell him
that if he did not cooperate with them, he would be executed. I asked
my son to cooperate in order to save his life. As
I was saying goodbye and leaving one of the prison officials told
me to take my sons clothing with me because he had already been
sentenced to death and the execution would be carried out in the next 48 hours.”

The Student Committee for the Defence of Political Prisoners is asking the Security and Judiciary Officials to immediately stop the execution of Hossein Forohideh and to give reasons as to why he was sentenced to death.

Any sentence by the Judiciary must be carried out only after due process and the rights of a prisoner have been taken into consideration. Hossein Forohideh was held in solitary confinement for months and subjected to torture. There is no information regarding his trial and sentencing.

The reason for Mr. Forohidehs arrest was communication with Anti-Regime Political Organizations outside of Iran and therefore he is a prisoner of conscience. The Security and Judiciary officials are therefore responsible for his life and well being and must show that due process has been followed before any sentence can be carried out.

Translation of the Statement by The Student Committee for the Defence of Political Prisoners


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