From what I have read o Arshan news and my own sources Mr. Forohideh has been charged with espionage and working with foreign agencies to overthrow the Islamic Regime. Mr. Forohideh is a 33 year old activist. He has been in the Oromiye Prison for the past 4 months and three days and until two days ago his family had no news of him. Two days ago his mother was informed of his whereabouts in the Oromiye prison and was able to visit him. After the visit the prison officials told her mother to encourage his son to cooperate, otherwise they would execute him. His mother encourages him to tell them what ever he knows so that he can save his life. As she is leaving the prison officials tell her that Mr. Fordieh has been sentenced to death and will most likely be executed in the next 48 hours.

For the full article in persian please click on the title of this article. Please contact human right organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch as well as various media as soon as possible and inform them of Mr. Forodiehs situation.

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  1. serendip said...
    Thank you for the heads up. The regime is getting more desparte by the minute...I hate them.

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