I came across a really disturbing article in the Globe and Mail today titled
" Iranian Kurds vow to fight for regime change." In this article Abdulla Mohtadi who is the Komala (an Iranian Kurdish Guerrial movment) states that the Kurds of Iran will be ready to help bring down Ahmadinejad when the time is right. This in return to the United Estates granting them autonomy in the provinces of northwestern Iran where Kurds are the majority. He also claims that most Kurdish people are supporter of the Kommalla and on the same note states that they only have 800 armed men and women.

I found this article disturbing for a number of reasons
1. What Mr. Mohtadi is stating is that his group will help the United States, NOT the Iranian people to overthrow the Islamic Regime, not because of their love for Iran but so that they can get a piece for Iran in return.

2. He is comparing Iran to Iraq and assuming that they will take over our country and try to build a government and divide and give autonomy as they please.

3. He claims that Kurdish people are supporters of Kommalla when in reality many Kurds in Iran consider themselves Iranians and are fighting for a free Iran not autonomy. I think the Kurds have shown their loyalty to their motherland on more then one occasion including during the Iran Iraq war.

The fact that Kommalla a seperatist armed group with only 800 members would try to appeal to the US government rather then to the Iranian people and try to take advantage of the current difficulty Iran is facing is quite upsetting.

I would definatly be interested in hearing view points on this, but I truly believe that the Iranain people (Kurdish people and other minorities included) will not allow a division within the borders of Iran and such armed seperatist groups are certainly not representative of ethnic minorities in Iran.


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