I just recieved news that four activists who have fled to the city of Van in Turkey are being deported tomorow (January 5th, 2007, at 5:30 pm). These individuals are :

  1. Alireza Ranjbar
  2. Abolfazl Ajorlu
  3. Seyid Ali Alemzadeh
  4. Mostaba(Mojtaba) Vatanpour Naderani

Please do what you can to bring awareness to this situation and help stop the deportation of these freedom fighters.

Turkish Embassy in Canada

Email: turkishottawa@mfa.gov.tr

Email of Ambassador: ambassadorerman@mfa.gov.tr, his name is Aydemir Erdan

Fax: :(613) 789-3442

Tel: (613) 789-4044

Sample Letter: Please do introduce yourself in a line or two before getting to the rest to personalize the message.

Dear Ambassador,

I recently received news from the Van City in Turkey that 4 Iranian student activists:
Alireza Ranjbar
Abolfazl Ajorlu
Seyid Ali Alemzadeh
Mostaba(Mojtaba) Vatanpour Naderani

are in danger of being deported back to Iran where they will most certainly face torture and death. I am extremely concerned about this news and very disapointed that such an event could take place in a country which is known for its democratic principles. It is so very dissapointing so see that today people are being sent to their death and being punished for fighting against dictatorship, the very principles which Turkey stands for.

I urge you to please take action in this case and stop the deportation of these four individuals who have done nothing but to fight for human rights and democracy in Iran.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this letter and look forward to your reply

Yours truly,

Your name


  1. Winston said...
    i sent them the email
    ali said...
    mamanoon az zahmati ke keshidi. chand taa ghalate spelling hast ke behtare eslaah besheh chon ba'zi haa nakhoonde mifrestand:

    zemnan eshaare be Atatork fekr nakonam kheili monaaseb baasheh, chon dolate fe'li eslaam geraast va alalghaaede nabaayad ba Atatork safaa baashe, begzarim ke khode Atatrok ham dar no'e khodesh dictatori bood. mesle ine ke baraaye dolate fe'lie Iran naameh benevisim o be Reza shah e kabir estenaad konim.

    baa sepaas

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