Nazanin Fatehi a 19 year old girl who was charged with murder and sentenced to death for stabbing a man who tried to rape her and her cousin is being retried today. If the original verdict is upheld it will need to be approved by the IRI Supreme Court.

The retrial was brought about to a great extent due to the massive international pressure brought against the IRI. Many individuals and human rights organizations have been campaigning to try to save the life of Ms. Fatehi. At this point the best thing we can all do is to keep her case in the public eye by posting enteries on our blogs, contacting news agencies and different human rights organizations.

Canada in perticular has been giving a lot of exposure to Ms. Fatehis case which is a very welcomed development. I also found this link which has a lot of helpful suggestions on what we can do to help her.

Please help spread the word.


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