This coming from drug lords themselves, talk about hypocracy, but then again what else is new? Who refines and mass produces drugs grown in Afghanistan? Ofcourse if they didn't have the young generation hooked on drugs and submissive, they would have to worry about major uprisings by this generation.

LONDON, November 11 (IranMania) - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called for organized campaign against trafficking of illicit drugs, IRNA reported.
"Serious campaign against devastating drugs would be possible through strong global resolve, amendment and compilation of comprehensive laws, promotion of related culture in the society and establishment of an international police by the UN," said Ahmadinejad in a meeting with the UN under secretary-general and executive director of the UN office on drugs campaign and crime prevention (UNODC) Antonio Maria Costa on Thursday.
Ahmadinejad said campaign against production, smuggling, distribution and consumption of drugs is a highly complicated and valuable task, requiring constant and extensive efforts.
He said that unfortunately, despite the great losses incurred by drugs trafficking and consumption of drugs worldwide, no serious attention is internationally paid to drastic campaign against the sinister phenomenon.
Though not being the main target of drugs production and distributors, the Islamic Republic of Iran is annually spending a large portion of its financial resources and uses its competent workforce for campaign against the drugs trafficking and distribution, he said.
Campaign against the devastating phenomenon would be possible through an international endeavor and global mobilization, said Ahmadinejad, adding that drugs production has risen by 60% in Afghanistan despite presence of the western states there.
He said some arrogant powers are supporting the drugs trafficking and distribution gangs with an intention to harm independent states and nations.
"Global communities are intertwined and the devastating drugs is the concern of all states and not restricted to a single region," he added.
The president said annually 250,000 people die of drugs worldwide and the figure is times higher than the terrorism victims.
"While hefty cost is spent and many resolutions are issued for terrorism campaign, no decisive action is taken to fight drugs; the UN should play an effective role in campaign against drugs, especially its new brands."
Appreciating Iran for its efforts to fight transit of drugs via its territory, particularly via its eastern borders, Costa voiced pleasure that there are "brave men" in police and other uniforms in Iran busy fiercely fighting production, trafficking and distribution of drugs.
The UN official said the organization fully welcomes Iran's stances and efforts for drugs campaign.
The official said that unfortunately the UNODC holds a tiny budget for campaign against such a
broad illicit trade.

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