GOVERNMENT PRESSURES STUDENT ACTIVISTS. Student activists in Iran say authorities have prevented dozens of students from studying by refusing to enroll them for the new academic year. The students have reportedly been involved in on-campus political and press-related activities. Iranian Education Minister Mohammad Mehdi Zahedi says claims that students are being kept out of school due to their political activism are "lies" and that the government is tolerant of such students. There was a time when teachers in Iran's schools used to give students golden paper stars to encourage them. Nowadays it seems that stars are being given for punishment: the term "students with stars" is used to describe students who have been expelled or suspended from a university. In recent months dozens of liberal university professors have been forced into early retirement. Many student activists have been summoned to court and several have been arrested.Bad Stars The term became prevalent after several students said university officials had refused to register them for the new academic year and told them that they have "two or three stars." Student groups and activists say more than 100 students have been affected. Ali Nekunesbati is a spokesman for Iran's main reformist student group, Daftar Tahkim Vahdat (the Office for Strengthening Unity). He says many student activists and members of his group have been marked with stars. "Beside the names that were announced to the universities for enrollment, there was another list in which individuals are marked with either one star, two stars, or three stars," he said. "Who grants these 'stars'? As the head of the admission committee has said the Intelligence Ministry -is involved. We reiterate again that these 'stars' exist."

The Islamic Regime is branding students with STARS the way the Nazi's were branding Jews during the holocaust. WAKE UP CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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