Delara Darabi is a 19 year old young woman who was sentenced to death at the ago of 17. She has been in prison for the past two years awaiting her execution. She was convicted of a murder which was committed by her boyfriend. According to reports she confessed to the murder at the suggestion of her boyfriend thinking that she would not get the death penalty since she was under the age of 18. Evidence during the trial clearly showed that the murder was committed by a right handed person, whereas Delara is left handed, yet she was still convicted of this crime. According to her family Delara is a pianist, a poet and an artist, who is under great physical and phychological pressure in prison. She is asking all freedom loving people to help her and save her from certain death. Please act in any way you can!!
PS: Islamic Regime is a leader (for lack of a better expression) in execution of minors. How much longer until we decide that enough is enough?????


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