Here are pictures of a few political prisoners in Iran. Starting from top left Mehrdad LOHRASBI, Manouchehr MOHAMADI, Kianoush SANJARI, Behrouz Javid TEHRANI, Valliolah Feyze MAHDAVI (murdered in prison in Septermber of 2006), Ahmad BATEBI, Akbar MOHAMMADI (Murdered in prison on July 31st 2006)

To me the most disturbing part of this news is that he will be receiving an honorary diploma. I would really like to know for what? It seems like the International community has quickly forgotten the brutal human rights violations and in perticular the opression of students during the 8 years Khatami was in power. And for those who buy the argument that he did not have any power during his presidency below is a few points to consider:

  1. let say he didn't know how much power he would or would not have during his first term and he made all kinds of promises to the people, but by his second term he knew exactly where he stood and regardless chose to run for presidency and continue his BS regarding "Islamic Democracy" as if the two could ever exist together.
  2. Khatami was quoted as calling the students "hoodlooms and trouble makers" when in fact they had been attacked by basijis and had not retaliated in any violant way.
  3. Khatami signed the arrest warrant for numerous prominent student activists personally!

And now he is being given an honorary doctorate (not his first one either), he definatly deserves on i his area of expertise (DICTATORSHIP).

October 28, 2006 Iran va Jahan IRVAJ Network
London -- The former President of Iran, Mohammad Khatami will be visiting UK next week. Mr. Khatami who is currently the President of the International Foundation of Dialogue Among Civilizations, and the most senior government official to visit the UK since the 1979 revolution, is to be awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of St Andrews on 31st October. The visit has created much controversy. Already Sir Menzies Campbell, head of the UL Liberal Democratic Party and Chancellor of St Andrews has announced that he will stay away from the ceremony.But more worrying for Mr. Khatami should be a law suit which has been launched against the former President by two Iranian students who currently reside in the UK. According to a statement released by their lawyer, Mr. Hamid Sabi, the two were brutally tortured during Mr. Khatami's tenure in office (see below). The two students, who have taken refuge in the UK, have submitted a complete file showing graphic details of the treatment they have received in the Iranian prison. They have requested Sir Ian Blair, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, to review the evidence and arrest Mohammad Khatami on charges of committing torture under section 134 of the Criminal Justice Act. During Mr. Khatami's presidency, hundreds of students who participated in demonstrations were tortured brutally by Iran's secret police. A number of students, including Mr. Akbar Mohammadi, have died in prison. A large number of activists are still in prison.
Press release For immediate release25th October 2006Former Iranian President to be charged with tortureLondon 25th October 2006Two students who have been brutally tortured in the hands of the Iranian secret police have requested the Metropolitan police to arrest Mr. Khatami, former president of Iran, on charges of torture.Mohammad Khatami, Iran's president between 1997 and 2005, is visiting the UK at the invitation of St. Andrews University. During his presidency, hundreds of students who participated in demonstrations were tortured brutally by Iran's secret police. A number of students, including Mr. Akbar Mohammadi, have died in prison. A large number of activists are still in prison. The two students, who have taken refuge in the UK, have submitted a complete file showing graphic details of the treatment they have received in the Iranian prison. They have requested Sir Ian Blair, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, to review the evidence and arrest Mohammad Khatami on charges of committing torture under section 134 of the Criminal Justice Act.For further information contact:H. Sabi 07811 458 602N. Yazdi 07939 537 613

I don't even know what to say about this except that I have a feeling the numbers are much much higher. HIV, drugs and prostitution are three major factors that are destroying the youth in Iran and to a large degree keeping them away from politics and the IRI safe. It is no wonder, with the top government officials being involved in the drug and porstitution industry. I watched a documentary about prostitution in Iran not too long ago, it was smuggled out of Iran, and one thing the women in the documentary had in common were they were all raped by either Sepah officers or low life government officials.
HEALTH MINISTER SAYS TENS OF THOUSANDS MIGHT BE HIV-INFECTED. Kamran Baqeri-Lankarani said in Tehran on October 15 that his ministry has identified more than 13,000 Iranians as infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, but that the real figure for infections is likely between 60,000-70,000 "in the worst-case scenario," IRNA reported. He said AIDS is still a disease restricted to specific groups in the country, but "if we do not act against it with care, it could become a generalized disease." He said that even the highest estimate for infections "is not so [high] compared to many neighboring countries." He added that more state money is needed for HIV and flu-related treatments in the country, amid the rising price of some pharmaceutical products. (Vahid Sepehri)

Amnesty International updates information on several death sentences against people who were under 18 when they committed crimes:

The family of Sina Paymand’s victim stopped his execution just in time.
The organization lacks information about Mostafa.
Ali Alijan also received a stay of execution from his victim’s family.
Vahid was executed.

AI Index: MDE 13/122/2006
26 October 2006

Further Information on UA 220/05 (MDE 13/047/2005, 24 August 2005) Fear of imminent execution


Mostafa (surname unknown) (m), aged 17, student
Sina Paymand (surname previously unknown) (m), aged 18, musician
Child offender Sina Paymand was granted a last-minute reprieve by the family of the man he allegedly murdered.

Sina Paymand was convicted of murder after a dispute with a man over cannabis in 2004. Sina Paymand reportedly told the Court that he was addicted to drugs and had gone to a park in Tehran on the day of the incident to try and obtain cannabis from a drug dealer. He allegedly stabbed the drug dealer to death during a fight. He was aged 16 at the time. According to his lawyer, the sentencing court did not properly consider evidence that Sina Paymand suffered from a mental disorder.

The Supreme Court upheld the death sentence, and he was scheduled to be hanged on 20 September, two weeks after his 18th birthday. When he was taken to the execution site, where the noose was placed around his neck, he was asked if he had a last request. Sina Paymand asked if he could play the flute. According to reports, the family members of the victim who were present to witness the execution were very moved by his playing, and agreed to forgive him and accept the payment of diyeh (blood money). In Iran, family members are asked just before the execution is carried out if they wish to forgo their right to retribution and forgive the condemned.

According to reports, Sina Paymand’s father is now is discussions with the family of the murder victim regarding the diyeh. If an agreement is not reached, Sina will again face execution. He is currently detained in Reja-i Shahr prison in Karaj, near Tehran.

According to reports, another child offender, Ali Alijan, now 19 years old, was scheduled to be executed at the same time as Sina Paymand for a murder committed while he was under the age of 18. He too received a last-minute reprieve from the family of the murder victim. A third individual named Vahid was executed. Different reports have put his age at 18, 20, and 21 years old. It is not known whether he was also a child offender.

There is no further information on Mostafa, who was also sentenced to death for murder.


Amnesty International has recorded at least one executions of child offender in 2006, Majid Segound (m). He was executed on 13 May 2006, along with an unnamed 20-year-old male, in Khorramabad, the capital of Lorestan province. According to reports, they were sentenced to death for the rape and murder of a 12-year-old boy, and were tried in an extraordinary session. Majid Segound was 17 years old at the time of his execution. In 2005 Amnesty International recorded eight executions of child offenders in Iran, including two who were under the age of 18 at the time of their execution. A number of child offenders are under sentence of death in Iran. Exact numbers are not known, but cases Amnesty International is working on include Nazanin Fatehi (f), Delara Darabi (f), Ne’mat (m), Mehdi (m), Mohammad Mousavi (m), and Hamid Reza (m).

Yesterday, during "eftar" (while prisoners were breaking their fast) political prisoners in Gohardasht prison were attacked by prison guards and beaten badly and severely injured. Among those injured was Mr. Javid Behrouz Tehrani, a student activist who was originally arrested during the student protests in 1999. The attack was ordered by the head of prison, for no apparent reason. I will write in more detail as I acquire more information.

Ok so today was the day of Ghods in Iran and apparantly relatively big protests took place against Israel, quite constructive isn't it? I find it hard to find why people won't go out and protest to save their own country, but they are so worried about Palestine. (Enghadr sange arabaro be sine nazanim) atleast while we have so many problems in our country and with the dictatorship regime. Oh and as always Ahmadinejad made a brilliant comment during Friday Prayer saying there is absoloutely no reason for the existence of Israel and that it won't exist for much longer. How much more warning signs does the international community need before realizing what a dangerous regime we are all dealing with?? If they have no mercy for their own people what makes the world think they will have any mercy for non Iranian and non Muslims? Beats me.

According to latest news Mr. Abolfazl Jahandar a student activist has been imprisoned in s. 209 of the Evin prison. Mr. Jahandar has not been able to have any visits with lawyers or family. He is also "white torture" . This is a type of psychological torture, where there individual is kept in a white room, forced to wear a white prison outfit and is fed white rice on white plates. they are not allowed to speak and are kept in sound proof rooms where they cannot hear any sounds. They are forced into sleep deprivation. Mr. Jahandar has also been threatened by the arrest of his own family members if he does not "confess"

Please contact all human right organizations in order to attempt to secure Mr. Jahandars release.

Fugitive Iranian Student Activist In Turkish Custody
October 13, 2006 Radio Free Europe RFE/RL
PRAGUE -- Iranian student activist Manuchehr Mohammadi, who recently fled his home country to seek refuge abroad, told Radio Farda today he has been kept in a Turkish detention center since October 7. Mohammadi complained of harsh treatment, saying prison guards beat and insulted inmates. Mohammadi fled Iran while on prison leave. His brother Akbar died in unclear circumstances in Tehran's Evin prison on July 30.

GOVERNMENT PRESSURES STUDENT ACTIVISTS. Student activists in Iran say authorities have prevented dozens of students from studying by refusing to enroll them for the new academic year. The students have reportedly been involved in on-campus political and press-related activities. Iranian Education Minister Mohammad Mehdi Zahedi says claims that students are being kept out of school due to their political activism are "lies" and that the government is tolerant of such students. There was a time when teachers in Iran's schools used to give students golden paper stars to encourage them. Nowadays it seems that stars are being given for punishment: the term "students with stars" is used to describe students who have been expelled or suspended from a university. In recent months dozens of liberal university professors have been forced into early retirement. Many student activists have been summoned to court and several have been arrested.Bad Stars The term became prevalent after several students said university officials had refused to register them for the new academic year and told them that they have "two or three stars." Student groups and activists say more than 100 students have been affected. Ali Nekunesbati is a spokesman for Iran's main reformist student group, Daftar Tahkim Vahdat (the Office for Strengthening Unity). He says many student activists and members of his group have been marked with stars. "Beside the names that were announced to the universities for enrollment, there was another list in which individuals are marked with either one star, two stars, or three stars," he said. "Who grants these 'stars'? As the head of the admission committee has said the Intelligence Ministry -is involved. We reiterate again that these 'stars' exist."

The Islamic Regime is branding students with STARS the way the Nazi's were branding Jews during the holocaust. WAKE UP CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GENEVA -- Iranian dissident journalist Akbar Ganji was awarded the 2006 Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders at a ceremony in Geneva on October 11. Ganji, who served a six-year jail sentence for articles denouncing the murder of Iranian opposition intellectuals, was presented the award by Louise Arbour, the UN high commissioner for human rights. After a hunger strike last year, Ganji was released conditionally in March 2006. He then started a world tour to introduce Iran's democratic movement to western audiences. While receiving the award in Geneva, he said he was determined to return to his home country. "The fight [for democracy] takes place inside a country," he said. "I don't want to change the government of Switzerland, I'm fighting to change the Iranian government and for the transition toward democracy in Iran." The Martin Ennals Award is the top award of the human rights movement. Its jury includes representatives of the world's leading nongovernmental human rights organizations. Another recipient this year was Arnold Tsunga, a lawyer and radio commentator from Zimbabwe. (Radio Farda,
I would be interested to know what others think about this one? It is no secret that I am not a big fan of Akbar Gangi, I think his so called struggle for human rights leaves much to be desired. I find it interesting that he chose to say" I am fighting to change the Iranian government and for the transition toward dcemocracy in Iran." Two problems with that government. 1. Most human right activists have come to accept that there is a difference between Iran and the Islamic Regime and do not refer to this regime as the Iranian regime, but the Islamic Regime. Isn't referring to them as the Iranian Regime really accepting their legitimacy?
2. The word transition means shift, alteration, modification ie REFORM, it does not mean revolution and it does not mean a real change that reaches the roots of the problems. In any event I think there are much more deserving people then Mr. Gangi who is somehow free to go on a world tour while real heros are losing their lives in Islamic Republic's Prisons.

Delara Darabi is a 19 year old young woman who was sentenced to death at the ago of 17. She has been in prison for the past two years awaiting her execution. She was convicted of a murder which was committed by her boyfriend. According to reports she confessed to the murder at the suggestion of her boyfriend thinking that she would not get the death penalty since she was under the age of 18. Evidence during the trial clearly showed that the murder was committed by a right handed person, whereas Delara is left handed, yet she was still convicted of this crime. According to her family Delara is a pianist, a poet and an artist, who is under great physical and phychological pressure in prison. She is asking all freedom loving people to help her and save her from certain death. Please act in any way you can!!
PS: Islamic Regime is a leader (for lack of a better expression) in execution of minors. How much longer until we decide that enough is enough?????

Sep 30, 2006
About 100 Iranian asylum seekers from
mullahs' tyranny are continuing their protest in Brussels to obtain legal residence in the country. The local media reported that on Thursday it seemed a solution was close at hand for 200 of them. Now, the protesters say only 10 of them will be given papers. Hoping to speed up regulation of their papers, the Iranians occupied a former military hospital in the Brussels district of Etterbeek for many weeks. They started a hunger strike and some even had their lips sewn together. On Thursday it seemed a solution was in sight when the mayor of Etterbeek, Vincent De Wolf, announced that 78 protesters would be given papers and those of another 110 would follow soon. Relieved that their ordeal had finally ended, the protesters agreed on clearing the former hospital site by Friday. However, the promises De Wolf gave turned out to be empty ones, and only 10 of them were told they would be regulated. Early Friday, 100 remaining protesters willingly left the social services offices they had occupied for the last few weeks. The bulk of the protesters then shifted their action to the city of Brussels, where they managed to occupy the entrance of the town hall for a while. They managed to talk to some members of the city council but were then removed by the police. Following their talk with representatives of the Brussels City Council, the Iranians have been given a new refuge in former administrative premises near the Kruidtuin (Jardin Botanique) in Brussels. There they will stay for an indefinite period of time.