The horrific terrorist act in Edmonton on Saturday, which let 1 police officer and 4 civilians injured has left many Canadians including myself angry and in shock.

As someone whose family was forced to flee a radicalized Islamic dictatorship in Iran over 30 years ago, I am deeply saddened to see that the same type of radicalization is now starting to take root in Canada. I have called Canada home for over 25 years, happy in the belief that I live in a secular democracy with a clear division between Government and Religion.

Unfortunately in the past few years I've seen the rise of radical Islam in Canada on more than one occasion. I've witnessed Al-Quds demonstrations, year after year in Toronto, on Queens Park grounds no less, where many demonstrators openly call for the destruction of Israel, spread hate about the Jewish people and hold up pictures and praise Islamic radical dictators such as Khomeini and Hassan Nasrallah. I've also watched with great concern and trepidation the soft stand the Justin Trudeau has taken toward radicalized Islamic dictatorships in Iran and Saudi Arabia.

The terrorist attack in Edmonton unfortunately seems to point to the fact that we are starting to have a "radicalization" problem in Canada which is extremely serious and extremely dangerous. It is important for us Canadians to first recognize and admit that we do have a problem that needs to be addressed, and to find reasonable and effective means to combat this problem.

I strongly believe the Muslim Community can play a very important and positive role in both condemning the terrorist attack and also by implementing steps that will ensure people in the Muslim Community do not become radicalized. These steps could include closer monitoring of what is being thought and discussed in mosques, other places of worship and religious schools in Canada. It could include condemnation of Al-Quds and other similar protests where the message of hate is spread, and also by ensuring that the message of love, respect and acceptance is spread at every opportunity and especially among the younger Muslim generation.

Of course the Muslim Community cannot combat this problem alone, and needs the support and the understanding of the Canadian Government, law enforcement agencies, the media, educators and all Canadians to ensure radicalization does not take root in Canada.

My thoughts are with the victims of this senseless terror attack, their friends and family and the people of Edmonton. I hope this shocking and brutal act will serve as a catalyst for us to recognize that we do have a problem and we need to face it head on.


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