Dear Friends,

I have just been alerted to the case of Ms. Neda Amin, an Iranian blogger who has been residing in Turkey for the past two years and has had refugee status. It has come to my attention that the Turkish Government is threatening to deport Ms. Amin back to Iran on August 5th 2017! Ms. Amin has been blogging for the Persian edition of Times of Israel for the past two years as well as writing on her personal blog about the situation in Iran.

Given Ms. Amin's affiliation with Times of Israel she faces grave danger is she deported to Iran.

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs has created an online campaign to support Ms. Amin. Please find the link to the Online Campaign HERE

As well the organization has created an online petition to support Ms. Amin. Please find the link to the petition HERE

For a full article on Ms. Amin's background and current situation please refer to THIS ARTICLE on the

If Ms. Amin is deported this may lead to Erdogan's Government deporting more and more Iranian and other refugee's which would lead to a very tragic end.

This is an urgent matter as Ms. Amin is scheduled to be deported on August 5th 2017! Please act as soon as possible!

Sayeh Hassan is an Iranian-Canadian Lawyer, blogger and Pro-Democracy Activist


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