Homa Hoodfar an Iranian Canadian Professor at Concordia University has been arrested and imprisoned by the Islamic Regime in Iran.

According to news reports from CBC Ms. Hoodfar was in Iran conducting historical and ethnographic research on women’s role in the public.

Amanda Ghahremani, Ms. Hoodfar’s niece has told the CBC that Ms. Hoodfar was an academic conducting research; she was not a political activist and was in no way involved politically. Unfortunately Ms. Hoodfar is not the only Iranian Canadian arrested and imprisoned by the Islamic Regime in Iran. In 2003 Iranian Canadian photojournalist Zahra Kazemi was arrested and imprisoned in the notorious Evin Prison for taking pictures outside of the prison. She was brutally tortured and died as a result of torture.

Saeed Malekpour is another Iranian Canadian permanent resident who was arrested by the Islamic Regime in 2008 while visiting his ill father in Iran. He still remains imprisoned! While the Trudeau Government is seriously considering re-establishing diplomatic relations with the Islamic Regime in Iran, and re-opening their embassy in Ottawa, Islamic Regime continues to arrest and imprison Iranian-Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

If the Trudeau Government is determined to re-establish diplomatic relations at the very least it MUST implement serious checks and balances including making sure Human Rights issues including the rights of imprisoned Iranian Canadians are at the top of the discussion agenda.

Re-establishing diplomatic relations and re-opening the embassy before the establishment of serious pre-conditions, and without requiring the Islamic Regime to make any concessions, is nothing but turning a blind eye and giving the Regime the green light to continue with its systematic and wide spread human rights violations which are completely contrary to our fundamental Canadian values.

Sayeh Hassan is an Iranian Canadian lawyer, blogger and pro-democracy activist fights in to change the Regime in Iran.


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