A prominent Kurdish Human Rights Activist and the former President of Human Rights Organization of Kurdistan has been on a hunger strike since May 8th 2016 to protest against new and unfounded charges brought against him.

Mr. Kaboudvand has been imprisoned in Iran’s notorious Evin Prison for over 9 years. While he has been approved for early release by prison officials the Prosecutor’s refuse to approve his release and continue to bring false political charges against him in order to continue his imprisonment.

Mr. Kaboudvand was taken to the hospital on May 25th 2016 and is at risk for a heart attack. While in prison for the past 9 years he has suffered from two heart attacks and numerous other health issues. It’s important to note Mr. Kaboudvand is not the only political prisoner who has recently gone on an extended hunger strike to protest against brutal human rights violations in Iran. Jafar Azimzadeh, a prominent labour activist has also been on hunger strike for over a month protesting against the systematic violations of the rights of Iranian workers.

I urge all human rights activists and organizations to stand in solidarity with Mr. Kaboudvand, Mr. Azimzadeh and all Iranian political prisoners and to make sure their voices are heard. Kurdish Political Prisoner Resumes Hunger Strike Despite Risk of Death


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