The Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau has once again reiterated that he would “normalize” relations with the Islamic Regime in Iran if the Liberal Party wins this year’s elections! Justin Trudeau has made it clear in the past that he has no issue with the dictatorship in Iran, which should not come as a surprise, given the fact that Mr. Trudeau seems to admire dictatorships including the dictatorship in China.

Mr. Trudeau seems to not have heard of the wave of executions which has taken place in Iran since the August of 2013, when the so called moderate Rouhani became the president. He must also have no information on the thousands of political prisoners including journalists, lawyers, students and religious and ethnic minorities who spend years in Islamic Regime prisoners for their “political crimes.” He must certainly not be aware of the systematic persecution of religious and ethnic minorities, women, students, teachers, workers, activists and homosexuals. He doesn’t know or he doesn’t care, but as an Iranian/Canadian pro-democracy activist either scenario terrifies me!

Canada has a large Iranian Canadian community which I am a part of. Many of us have been forced to flee from the Islamic Regime in Iran to save our own lives or the lives of individuals that we love. Many in our community have been imprisoned and tortured or have lost loved ones at the hands of this brutal regime! We consider Canada our home and safe haven, and respect Canadian values such as freedom and democracy. I feel safe and protected in Canada knowing that I can speak out against the Islamic Regime without being arrested, tortured, raped and possibly executed!

I was one of many Iranians that were thrilled when the Islamic Regime’s Embassy (the House of Terror) in Ottawa was shut down, as the Regime would no longer be able to use the Embassy to spy on and threaten dissidents in Canada or their families back in Iran.

Now it seems like Mr. Trudeau wants to roll back the clock, normalize relations and re-open the “House of Terror” in Ottawa. As a Canadian I am terrified of what Canada will become if the Liberal Party wins the elections and Mr. Trudeau becomes the Prime Minister. The fact that he wants to have normalized relations with the Islamic Regime in Iran is a clear indication that he is willing to turn a blind eye not only to the grotesque human rights violations the Regime is responsible for, but also to the Regime’s financial support for international terrorism and its dangerous nuclear ambitions!

If Mr. Trudeau wants the Iranian-Canadian vote he will have to engage the Iranian pro-democracy movement instead of the dictatorship in Iran, and he will have to prove that he is a supporter of freedom and democracy, not tyranny and brutality!

Sayeh Hassan is an Iranian Canadian lawyer and pro-democracy activists fighting to overthrow the Islamic Regime in Iran