I refer to the Saudi Arabian oil as BLOOD-OIL because the wealth from the oil goes to support an extremist Islamic kingdom that lashes thinkers, activists and those who dare to question Islam. It chops heads and limbs in the so called "chop chop square" and their treatment of women is medieval! Yet Saudi Arabi is a close ally of many western countries precisely because of the BLOOD-OIL. It is shameful that most western countries have remained silent as has the main stream media while Raif Badawi a journalist will be lashed 1000 times in the next 20 weeks in the "chop chop square!"

Imprisoned Saudi blogger Raif Badawi, flogged:

When will we realize that the terrorist acts we have been witnessing most recently in Paris is rooted in the support of Western Countries for Islamic Dictatorships such as Saudi Arabia and Iran?? Would Israel or Canada or the United States be able to get away with flogging someone 1000 in a public square?


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