Kofi Annan along with other former global leaders also known as “The Elders” have started their visit to Iran in order to promote dialogue between Iran and the International Community.

The Elders who aim to promote “peace and human rights” are hypocritically starting their visit at Khomeini’s (Also known as the Islamic Butcher) Mausoleum!

As a pro-democracy activist I oppose any diplomatic relations or visits with the Islamic Regime in Iran, which only serves to give the regime further legitimacy. I am disturbed to see Kofi Annan and others visiting Iran at a time where executions are at an all time high, and we hearing daily reports of arrests of political and human rights activists.

What is even more concerning is the fact that a group which claims to be promoting human rights is starting their visit at the Mausoleum of Khomeini, an Islamic dictator responsible for the torture, rape and execution of thousands of Iranians who opposed the brutal Islamic dictatorship!

Instead of visiting prisons where political prisoners are incarcerated, families of political prisoners or those who have been executed by the Regime or political and human rights activists “The Elders” are visiting the grave of a man who was the root of the Islamic dictatorship in Iran.

Clearly Kofi Anan and other former world leaders have no intention of promoting peace or human rights. Their focus is the nuclear issue as is the focus of the international community, and they have no problem giving the Islamic Regime the green light to continue with its systematic human rights violations in Iran!

Sayeh Hassan is an Iranian Canadian lawyer, blogger and pro-democracy activist



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