PRESS RELEASE: Canada must continue to take a tough stand on Iran, In the face of recent mass executions by the Islamic Regime!


October 28th 2013-10-28

Attention: Assignment Editor, City Editor, News Editor, World News Editor, Government/Political News Editor

On Saturday October 26th, 18 prisoners including two Kurdish political prisoners were executed by the Islamic Regime in Iran. Hundreds of prisoners have been executed by the Islamic Regime since the so called “moderate” President Hassan Rouhani came to power in June, but executing 18 prisoners in one day is a new record even for the Islamic Regime.

Sayeh Hassan an Iranian Canadian lawyer, blogger and pro-democracy activist stated “While the so called “moderate” president Hassan Rouhani has been smiling his way through the United Nations and working hard to remove the tough sanctions against Iran, the Islamic Regime has been busy executing prisoners including political prisoners in record numbers. The latest example is the execution of 18 ethnic minority prisoners including 16 Balouchi’s and two Kurdish political prisoners.

Ms. Hassan further stated: “One of the political prisoners executed was Habibullah Golparipour, a young man arrested in 2009, subjected to brutal torture and “tried” behind closed doors. According to various reports Mr. Golparipour was executed secretly without the knowledge of his family or lawyer and without the execution date being announced. No doubt the Islamic Regime felt it was necessary to carry out the execution in secret to prevent major protests!”

Ms. Hassan expressed: “Islamic Regime’s killing machine has been operating full force since June of this year, unfortunately many countries including the United States have turned a blind eye to the mass killings in Iran and have agreed to enter into a political dialogue with the Islamic Regime in Iran.”

Sayeh Hassan lastly stated: “ Many Iranian Canadians are extremely concerned that Canada will follow the lead of the United States and renew diplomatic relations with the Regime in Iran. Unfortunately we have already started seeing signs of Canada “softening” its stand on Iran by allowing Iran to operate an unofficial consulate in Montreal and most recently appointing the country of Oman as the official representative of Iran in Canada. There is no doubt that the Conservative Government in Canada would lose not only the support but also the respect of Iranian Canadians if it chooses to ignore the mass executions in Iran and renews its diplomatic relations with Iran.

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