Jeffery Simpson of Globe and Mail suggests the Canadian Government should keep an "open mind" about the Islamic dictatorship in Iran. He asserts (naively) that there is a new Government in Iran which is different from the previous Government.

Clearly Mr. Simpson is not very well versed on the structure of the Iranian Government. While the president is [s]elected every four years among candidates handpicked by the "Supreme Leader" Khamenei, the government itself which is ruled by Khamenei and is an Islamic dictatorship never changes. Instead it hangs on to power by using force, torture, rape and execution.

The fact that 11 very high profile political prisoners were released from prison recently does not mean there is a new government in Iran or that things have changed. It simply means that sanctions and political pressure on Iran is working to weaken the Regime, and it forcing them to back down. Instead of keeping and open mind the Canadian Government needs to thread very carefully when Rouhani and the Islamic Regime is concerned!


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