On June 14th 2013 Hassan Rowhani, one of the handpicked candidates by Khamenei and the Guardian Council became the 11th President of the Islamic regime in Iran.

Hassan Rowhani, in the past 34 years, has been a loyal supporter and a key figure within the Islamic Regime - the regime of: oppression, torture, rape, executions and more.... In 1999 during the presidency of another "reformist" Mohammad Khatami, Hassan Rowhani was a man responsible for sending the Basij Islamic Militia (paramilitary) into the residences of the University of Tehran students to brutally suppress and kill those University students.

In reaction to this sham [s]"election, on June 15th 2013, the Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister; John Baird, made a statement “commending the bravery of the Iranian people” and correctly and bravely stating that “…none of the eight regime approved candidates represent a real alternative for Iranian voters. The person tagged to replace Ahmadinejad will simply be another of Ayatollah Khamenei’s puppets in the tragic and dangerous pantomime that is life for all Iranians.”

This heartwarming message was welcomed by many Iranian-Canadians who have been forced to flee Iran and have chosen Canada as their second home post rise of the Islamic dictatorship in Iran.

For the past three decades, many activists within the Iranian-Canadian communities have been continuously encouraging the Canadian Government: to take a tough stand against the regime in Iran, to condemn the Islamic regime’s human rights violations and the mass murder of political prisoners in Iran in the 1980's and summer of 1988, to recognize the Massacre of 1988 as "Crime Against Humanity", to isolate the Islamic regime politically and to shut down the regime's Embassy in Ottawa. As a matter of fact after so many years of lobbying and struggling, the Canadian Government has finally decided to listen to the Iranian-Canadians. This was a sign of hope that the Canadian Government was choosing to stand with the people of Iran against the Islamic dictatorship.

However, the regime's agents and lobbyists in Canada through "media" support with strong financial support, quickly initiated and orchestrated a pressured response on Mr. Baird; in an attempt, not only to give "meaning" to a "meaningless" sham "election"; but to give the Islamic regime credibility and legitimacy both inside and outside Iran.

The activities of the Islamic Regime's agents have been evident; according to Iranians American Forum published Article about Mr. Ali Tabatabai, brother-in-law of Mr. Tajzadeh, "reformist political prisoners" - Mr. Tajzadeh appraised his brother-in-law for the petitions/minister-baird-must-retract-his-disparaging-comments-on-iran-s-election-results . In his letter from "prison", Mr. Tajzadeh addressed the "Iranian-Canadians" who signed the petition: "you include Iran’s regime as part of yourself and while the Iranian Embassy is closed you act on behalf of that embassy." (a petition with 378 signatures among more than a hundred thousand Iranian-Canadians)

Unfortunately, on June 21st 2013, many of us were sourly disappointed when we read Mr. Baird’s An open letter to the People of Iran published in the Globe and Mail. In his open letter Mr. Baird appeared to have backed down from his original statement of June 15th 2013 when he recognized the [s]elections for what it really was: a sham orchestrated by the Islamic Regime as an attempt to gain some credibility and legitimacy.

There is no question the pro-regime agents and lobbyists in Canada are very active with a strong financial backing. This is something that the Iranian pro-democracy activists in Canada have been concerned about for years and have tried very hard, to expose these agents and their activities. However, it is unfortunate to see that these pro-regime elements have sufficient resonance with Mr. Baird in influencing his original stand which condemned the Islamic Regime in Iran and promoted freedom and democracy for all Iranians.

It is sad to witness that, despite the claim of connecting "Iranians - in the country with those in the Diaspora" - who are struggling for freedom and democracy, the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs have connected the pro-regime lobbyists/"reformists" in the country with those in Canada to prolong the life of a mass murderer regime. "Lest We Forget" that for the past 34 years under the "Islamic Republic of Iran", Iran has undergone the darkest period in the history of the world - comparable to: Inquision Period, Fascism and Nazism. Furthermore, under an Islamic dictatorship in Iran, Iranians have no "rights" to choose their own clothing, food and sexual orientation; the notion that the people of Iran could "elect" their own president, it is nothing but a lie.

We have been witnessing the agents of the Islamic regime propagating that the people of Iran have "Voted for Hope" and inviting politicians to congratulate the outcome the "choice of hope". A "hope" which was handpicked by Ali Khamenei and Must-be a Male Shi'a Muslim. It is a crime to congratulate people who live in the Islamic Concentration Camp of Iran for choosing their prison guards: Fascists or Nazis.

The Islamic regime is a tragic book which consists of many chapters: "fundamentalists", "reformists", "moderate-reformist" and full of characters: Khomeini, Rafsanjani, khatami, Ahmadinezhad, ... and Rowhani; regardless, it is the same book.

We, the Iranian- Canadian activists who strongly oppose the theocratic dictatorship regime in Iran, would encourage the Government of Canada to take side with the Iranians whom have been oppressed and silenced for 34 years - regardless of changes of the prison guard (president): fundamentalist hard- liner such as Ahmadinejad or quickly "transformed fundamentalist" to a “moderate-reformist” clergyman such as Rowhani.

We appreciate John Baird's support of the Iranian people in their struggle for democracy and freedom; and also wishfully hope that other western countries will put diplomatic pressures on the Islamic Regime.

Sayeh Hassan, Iranian-Canadian lawyer, pro-democracy activist and blogger Sayehhassan30@gmail.com, shiro-khorshid-forever.blogspot.com

Mansoureh Nasserchian, Iranian-Canadian activist, radio producer and documentary maker, mnasserchian@yahoo.com

Faramarz Shiravand, Iranian-Canadian investigative reporter and political activist Shiravand_mf@yahoo.com


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