Protest against the Anniversary of Khomeini in Toronto was a Major Success!

On Sunday June 2nd 2013 many Iranian Canadians came together to protest against an event held to commemorate Khomeini’s anniversary in Toronto. This event was organized by the “Muslim Community of GTA” and took place at the Islamic Society of York Region.

The original location for the event had been at the Al Huda Islamic Centre which is more centrally located and accessible by public transportation, however the organizers were forced to change the location one day before the event, once they realized that there would be major protests against this event. The new location was outside of the city of Toronto, in a very isolated location and not accessible by public transportation. No doubt this was done in order to prevent protesters from attending!

I am happy and proud to say that despite the isolated location and despite heavy rain during parts of the protest there was a large turnout at the protest and individuals from many different groups and organizations, as well as independent activists were present and able to create a unified front against Islamic extremism. It should be noted that Jewish Defence League had also called for a protest against this event and were present in large numbers.

Khomeini was not only an “Islamic Butcher” responsible for the rape, torture and execution of thousands of political dissidents he was also an Islamic extremist who advocated and supported international terrorism! The Regime he founded 34 years ago continues to oppress its own people, fund and support international terrorism and is actively building a nuclear weapon.

Canadians should be extremely concerned about the fact that there are Islamic extremists living among us who are openly supporting the violent and hateful ideology of this man. Who is to say that Khomeini’s supporters will not decide to FOLLOW his teachings by becoming active terrorists themselves? How do we know that today’s Khomeini supporter will not be tomorrow’s terrorist?

We cannot AFFORD to remain silent and allow these Islamic extremists to organize such events which serve no purpose but to promote hateful Islamic extremist ideology. I for one will be keeping my eyes and ears open for any similar future events and will be there to voice my grave concerns.

There is no place in Canada for Islamic extremism and those who support that ideology!

Sayeh Hassan is an Iranian Canadian Lawyer, blogger and Pro-Democracy Activist

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  1. Randy L. Noble said...
    Thank u Sayeh for your commitment to stand up against extremists and terrorists. I support your efforts and will continue to speak out and pray for a Free Iran

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