Two Iranian me Zaneyar and Loghman Moradi n are facing imminent execution after being arrested without charge and having been subjected to brutal torture which forced them into making "confessions" which were used against them in a 20 minute trial after which they were sentenced to death.

Recently Zaneyar Moradi wrote a letter from prison urging the international community to speak out against their execution and show the Regime in Iran that the international community is watching and will not turn a blind eye on what the Regime in Iran is doing.

Arrests without charge, torture and forced confessions are systematically used by the Islamic Regime as a tool to instil fear in the hearts of political activists in Iran and prevent people from standing up for freedom and democracy in Iran. We cannot remain silent and watch these two men be executed!

Below is the letter from Zaneyar Moradi:

To all the people of the world who are in my age group:

I despise thinking about my death; I do not want to take my life aspirations to the grave with me.

My name is Zaneyar Moradi.

Currently, I am sitting on a death row, my prison cell in Karaj, Iran, and I want to talk to you young people in Europe and America, I want to speak to people, who are my age who are living in Japan, Australia, France, and Africa and all over the globe.

Please DO NOT LET THEM HANG ME! Is this world so cruel, to watch both my cousin and I hang in public from a crane on the street? And not say anything? And not do anything?

I realize that it is only through the Internet that I am voicing to you my fear and my plea to you. So please be patient with me and give me few minutes and seconds of your time and hear me. It is hard to be twenty-one and to face my death. To live everyday with the nightmare of death, to shiver every time I hear their footsteps coming to take me to my death.

It has been three years since I have been imprisoned. I am Zaneyar Moradi and my co-defendant is Loghman Moradi, we were tortured for nine months. They would beat us so hard that we could not walk, even today I still suffer from side effects of torture—my back is hurting and I have two fractured vertebrate. The torturers told us that if we did not confess to everything they told us that they would rape us and we just signed whatever they put in front of us. And now we are waiting for the hanging rope of death while standing or hanging on the streets of Tehran or Urūmiyeh (where we were born).

They tell us now plans are being set for our execution, and the hang man has been sick for the past four days and I can’t sleep at nights. So I decided to help myself by writing this letter. Whatever you can do, please don’t let them execute us.

Please use your youth, your creativity, and let this regime know that we are not alone. Please voice your protest to this verdict. If you protest, if you complain to them we will here it! I am waiting to hear YOUR voices of protest.

Zenyar Moradi
Raja-e-shar Prison
January 4, 2013
به همسن و سالهاي خودم در سراسر جهان

از فکر کردن به مرگ٬ بيزارم٬ نميخواهم با آرزوهايم به زير خاک بروم!

من اسمم زانيار مرادي است. الان از سلول مرگي در آن سوي دنيا در شهر کرج درکشور ايران نشسته و ميخواهم با شما جوانان در اروپا و امريکا٬ با شما جوانان همسن و سال خودم در ژاپن و استراليا و فرانسه و افريقا و در همه جاي دنيا حرف بزنم. نگذاريد مرا اعدام کنند! آيا دنيا آنقدر بيرحم است که اين صحنه را تماشا کند که من و پسر عمويم در خيابان اعدام شويم و چيزي نگويد و کاري نکند؟

ميدانم که اين ترس من و اين درخواستم از طريق امکانات اينترنتي به گوش شما ميرسد. پس فقط چند دقيقه صبر کنيد٬ چند ثانيه وقت بگذاريد و از من بشنويد که چقدر سخت است در بيست و يک سالگي با مرگ مواجه شدن٬ با کابوس مرگ زندگي کردن و هر لحظه از صداي پاي زندانبانان ترسيدن و بر خود لرزيدن!

ما سه سال است که زنداني شده ايم . من زانيار مرادي و هم پرونده اي من لقمان مرادي٬ ۹ ماه را زير شکنجه بوديم. ما را چنان کتک ميزدند که ديگر توان راه رفتن نداشتيم و همين امروز نيز کمرم بشدت درد ميکند و دو مهره کمرم شکستگي دارد. به ما گفتند اگر حرفهايي که آنها ميخواهند را نزنيم٬ به ما تجاوز ميکنند و ما نامه هايي را که آنها آوردند امضا کرديم. و اکنون در يک قدمي مرگ با طناب دار در خياباني در تهران و يا مريوان شهر محل تولدمان ايستاده ايم. اين روزها شنيدم که دارند مقدمات اجراي حکم اعدام ما را فراهم ميکنند و چهار روز است که حالم خوب نيست٬ شبها خوابم نميبرد و فکر کردم شايد با اين نامه بتوانم بخودم کمک کنم.

نگذاريد ما را اعدام کنند. بهر طريقي که ميتوانيد ٬ سعي کنيد از ابتکارات جوانانه استفاده کنيد و کاري کنيد که حکومت اسلامي ايران ببيند که ما تنها نيستيم و دنيا به اين حکم ظالمانه اعتراض دارد.صداي اعتراض شما و هر حرکت و اعتراضي که بکنيد به گوش ما فورا ميرسد. منتظر شنيدن اخبار اعتراضات شما همسن و سالهاي خودم هستم.

زانيارمرادي – زندان رجايي شهر کرج

۴ژانويه ۲۰۱٣


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