October 21st 2012

Attention: Assignment Editor, City Editor, News Editor, World News Editor, Governments/Political Affairs Editor

Iranian Parliamentarians headed by Iraj Nadimi Chairman of the Executive Council of Iran’s Inter-Parliamentary Group have headed to Quebec City to attend the Inter-Parliamentary Union meetings which is scheduled for October 21st to October 26th 2012.

Sayeh Hassan an Iranian Canadian Lawyer and pro-democracy activist stated: “Recently the Canadian Government ended diplomatic relations with Iran by shutting down the Iranian Embassy and expelling Iranian diplomats in Canada. While this was a correct step towards isolating the Islamic Regime politically, it seems that the Canadian Government is back peddling by allowing Iranian Parliamentarians to travel to Canada to attend international political meetings.”

Ms. Hassan further expressed “Why would the Canadian Government allow Islamic Regime officials to travel to Canada freely, and attend international political meetings which will only serve to give a boost of legitimacy and credibility to the Iranian Government? It seems that the Canadian Government is contradicting itself by expelling the Iranian diplomats on one side and then allowing Iranian Parliamentarians who are the representatives of one of the worst dictatorship regimes in the world to travel to Canada for an international political meeting.”

Ms. Hassan stated “ I would urge the Canadian Government to immediately put a stop to the travel plans of these Iranian Parliamentarians and to expel them from Canada immediately!”

Media Contact: Sayeh Hassan, Criminal Defence Lawyer and Pro-Democracy Activist

Tel: 416-363-9238




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