Today I attended the No War in Iran Protest at Queens park. The protest was organized by Toronto Coalition to Stop War and the only focus was saying no to war without condemning the Islamic Regime and its human rights violations against the Iranian people.

Many Iranian/Canadians who are very much against war in Iran felt isolated by this protest as it did not address the concerns of Iranians, mainly that while we do not want any type of military intervention in Iran we also do not support the Islamic Regime in Iran!

Tens of Iranian Canadians gathered at Queens Park today with slogans of No to Islamic Regime in Iran and no War in Iran, making sure that our voices were heard. What I found most interesting about the protest was that the organizers who had managed to gather hundreds of people during their last protest in March of this year were not very successful this year. The Crowd was relatively small and there were NO Islamic Regime flags present at the rally, something that was present during the last rally and was a great cause of concern for many Iranian Canadians.

Experience has shown that anyone that claims to be against war but does not take a position against the Islamic Regime is knowingly or unknowingly supporting the Regime. This was clear from the presence of numerous known regime lobbyists at today’s protest.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran

Long Live Freedom in Iran


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