Today thousands of Iranians took to Tehran streets protesting against the regime following the latest economic crisis with the Iranian economy plummeting and the Iranian currency “rial” constantly loosing value and forcing Iranians into an even deeper line of poverty.

According to various news agencies The Tehran Bazaar on Ferdowsi street has been closed down by the merchants, as thousands of Iranians entered the bazaar in protest chanting slogans and encouraging the merchants to join them in their protests. Many banks in the area have also closed for the day.

In Baharestan Ave. thousands of Iranians are protesting and shouting anti regime slogans such as “ Khamenei be aware, we are not your goons, we are the Iranian people, and Khamenei have some shame, leave Syria alone and think about the Iranian people.”

Security forces are reported to be on the scene doing their best to put an end to the protests. There have been reports of tear gas being used on the protesters. This is the largest protest Tehran has seen in months, and hopefully the start of a wave of protests that will bring the Regime down!


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