"Little wonder that this strikes a person like Sayeh Hassan, a dissenter who fled the theocratic tyranny of Iran in 1987, as “a cynical abuse of Canadian pluralism and accommodation.” This week Hassan wrote an online Post column jointly with David Spiro of the Greater Toronto’s Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, denouncing Al-Quds Day for being “nothing less than a pep rally for an abhorrent, hate-filled ideology.”

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Peace broke out in Toronto Saturday afternoon when competing ideas and raised voices were the only exchanges in an ongoing annual meeting of ideologies.

A controversial rally marking Al-Quds Day and a counter-rally by the Jewish Defence League (JDL) met a group of expatriate Iranians in front of the Ontario legislature as part of the yearly exchange.

Al-Quds Day was made a global event by the late Ayatollah Khomeini to mark the end of Ramadan and to call for the establishment of a Palestinian state. Last year’s Queen’s Park rally garnered attention due to Muslim journalist Zafar Bangash calling Israeli nationalists “oppressors and criminals.”

Howard Davidson from Independent Jewish Voices says the organization supports a “call for the end of war crimes committed by Israel.”

“To name them as crimes is only to name the truth,” he said.

Chants included: “Zionism is racism”, “God loves Israel”, and “down with the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

A verbal spat between a man and a woman resulted in her asking him: “Would you like to kill all the Muslims in the world?” to which he replied “100%.”

When asked about the exchanged words, JDL spokesman Meir Weinstein said “some studies have shown 10% of Muslims support terrorist groups.”

“That means 90% don’t, according to the study,” he said. “But there’s about 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, and if 10% of that support terrorist groups, there’s a serious problem.”

Weinstein maintained the JDL was there to peacefully oppose the rally.

“Anyone’s allowed to join us, provided they’re not coming to disrupt,” he said.

The demonstrations were also marred by a brief scuffle. Toronto Police’s 52 Division confirmed there were no arrests made.

As spokesman for the Islamic group holding the Al-Quds Day rally, Bangash said “we represent the true Canadian values.”

“We are not here to spread hatred,” he said. “We are here to support the rights of the Palestinian people.”

As crowds grew, Toronto Police erected a barrier with police bicycles between the two sides. Iranians stood on the JDL side and waved the pre-revolution flag, featuring a lion, along with denouncing the current Iranian regime.

“We’re here to say we don’t want Islamic regime supporters in Canada,” activist Sayeah Hassan said.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO August 13, 2012 Attention: Assignment Editor, City Editor, News Editor, World News Editor, Governments/Political Affairs Editor. Permission has been granted for the Anti-Semitic Qods Day Rally to take place on Queens Park on August 18 2012.

Sayeh Hassan an Iranian Canadian Lawyer, blogger and pro-democracy activist states: “International Qods Day was founded by Ruhollah Khomeini, a brutal Islamic Dictator who high jacked the Iranian Revolution in 1979 and is responsible for the arrest, torture, rape and execution of thousands of political dissidents in Iran. The Islamic Regime has not only reigned terror on its own people for the past 32 years, but it’s also active in trying to acquire nuclear weapons, and is a major contributor to international terrorism through its support for terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah.”

Sayeh Hassan further states: “In the recent years Iranian Regime lobbyists have been active in organizing Qods Day Rallies in western countries such as Canada. Last year’s Qods Day Rally involved protestors holding up pictures of Khomeini and Khamenei (Iran’s current supreme leader) as well as carrying Hezbollah Flags (a terrorist organization banned in Canada). The rally also featured pro-Khomeini and pro-Islamic Regime supporters speakers who promoted the values and ideologies of this brutal dictatorship.”

Lastly Sayeh Hassan proclaimed “this is not a Jewish or an Iranian issue. Every Canadian citizen must be concerned about the fact that an Islamic extremist government is able to spread its hateful propaganda and ideology on Canadian Soil and at a location which symbolizes Canadian values such as democracy, freedom and equality. The Canadian Government must think twice before allowing individuals who have no respect for Canadian values and who are on a specific mission to spread the hateful ideologies and propaganda to enter into Canada and carry out their objectives.”

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فراخوان برای اقدام: نه! به "تظاهرات نفرت" روز قدس در کوئینز پارک در روز۱۸ آگوست ۲۰۱۲ قرار است یک "تظاهرات نفرت" ضد یهودی به بهانه رژیم ساخته "روز جهانی قدس" در مقابل کوینزپارک در تورنتو برگزار شود. روز قدستوسط روح الله خمینی، یک دیکتاتور بی رحم اسلامی که انقلابایران در سال ۱۹۷۹ را دزدید و دستور داد هزاران مخالف ایرانی را دستگیر، شکنجه،هتک حرمت، و اعدام کنند، پایه گذاری شد. رژیم جمهوری اسلامی در ۳۲ سال گذشته به بطور سیستماتیک به شکنجه،تجاوز، و اعدام مخالفانش ادامه داده است. همچنین، رژیم اسلامی در تلاش برای بدستآوردن سلاح های هسته ای و پشتیبانی از تروریسم بین المللی از طریق حمایت مالیسازمان های تروریستی مانند حزب الله و حماس فعال بوده است. همه ساله رژیم حاکم در ایران "راهپیمایی نفرت" روز قدس رادر ایران برگزار میکند که در آن طرفداران رژیم شرکت میکنند و شعار های "مرگبر آمریکا" و "مرگ بر اسرائیل" سر میدهند. در سالهای اخیر لابی های رژیم ایران در سازمان دادن "تظاهرات نفرت" روز قدس درکشور هایی مانند کانادا فعال بوده اند. "تظاهرات نفرت"روز قدس سال گذشته در کوئینز پارک برگزار شد و در آن تظاهرکنندگان تصاویر خمینی و خامنه ای ( رهبر "عالی" کنونی ایران)، و نیز پرچم های حزب الله (یک سازمانتروریستی ممنوعه در کانادا) را حمل میکردند. این تظاهرات همچنین شامل سخنرانانطرفدار رژیم اسلامی میشد که ارزش ها و ایدولوژی این دیکتاتوری بی رحم را تبلیغ میکردند. کانادابر اساس اصول آزادی، برابری، و احترام به همه ساخته شده است. دولت کانادا نباید اجازه دهد که از زمینشبعنوان سکویی برای سخنرانی های نفرت و تبلیغ ایدولوژی های یک رژیم خطرناک و بی رحماستفاده شود. دعوت از همه گروه ها، سازمان ها وفعالان مستقل که مخالف رژیم اسلامی در ایران هستند و به ارزش های کانادایی برابریو احترام به همه معتقدند: اقدام: مطالبیرا در قالب اطلاعیه مطبوعاتی، مقاله، وبلاگ و غیرهبنویسید و نگرانی های خود را در مورد این "تظاهراتنفرت" ابراز کنید با رسانه ها (روزنامه، تلویزیون، رادیو، وبلاگ ها وسایت های خبری) تماس بگیرید و نگرانی های خود را ابراز کنید. از فیس بوک و تویتر برایگسترش پیام واطلاع رسانی به هر چه تعداد بیشتری از افراد استفاده کنید. آنها رابه شرکت کردن در این کارزار تشویق کنید به نماینده خود در پارلماناستان نامه بنویسید و یا به دفتر او زیگ بزنید و نگرانی خود را نسبت به شکل گرفتنیک "تظاهرات نفرت" در کوینز پارک ابراز کنید به "راهپیمایی نفرت" روز قدس و گسترش تبلیغات رژیم اسلامی درکانادا نه! بگویید

An anti-Semitic “Hate Rally” is scheduled to take place on International Qods Day (August 18th 2012) at Queens Park Toronto.

Qods Day was founded by Ruhollah Khomeini a brutal Islamist dictator who high- jacked the Iranian revolution in 1979 and ordered the arrest, torture, rape and execution of thousands of Iranian dissidents. The Islamic Regime has continued to systematically torture, rape and execute its opponents for the past 32 years. As well the Islamic Regime has been active in trying to obtain nuclear weapons and supporting international terrorism through financial support for terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah and Hamas.

Every year the Iranian Regime organizes the Qods Day “Hate Rally” in Iran where Regime supporters attend and chant slogans such as “Death to USA” and “Death to Israel”.

In the recent years Iranian Regime Lobbyists have been active in organizing Oods Day “Hate Rallies” in countries such as Canada.

Last year’s Qods Day “Hate Rally” took place at Queens Park and involved protestors holding up pictures of Khomeini and Khamenei (Iran’s current “supreme” leader) as well as carrying Hezbollah Flags ( a terrorist organization banned in Canada). The rally also featured pro-Khomeini and pro-Islamic Regime speakers who promoted the values and ideologies of this brutal dictatorship.

Canada is built on principles of freedom, equality and respect for all. The Canadian Government should not permit its grounds to be used as a platform for hate speech and promotion of ideologies of a dangerous and brutal Regime.

To: All groups, organizations and independent activists who oppose the Islamic Regime in Iran and who believe in the Canadian values of equality and respect for all.


• Write press releases, articles, blog posts etc.. and voice your concerns about this “Hate Rally” • Contact the media, (print, tv, radio, blogs and news sites) and voice your concerns • Use Facebook and Twitter to spread the word and inform as many people as possible. ENCOURAGE THEM TO GET INVOLVED! • Write to your local MPP or call their office and voice your concern about a “Hate Rally” taking place on Queens Park!

Say No to the Qods Day “Hate Rally” and the Promotion of Islamic Regime’s Propaganda in Canada!

Sayeh Hassan Criminal Defence Lawyer, Blogger and Pro-Democracy Activist www.shiro-khorshid-forever.blogspot.com