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CANADIAN BANKS Should Shut Down the Accounts of All Individuals Affiliated with the Islamic Regime in Iran

CANADIAN GOVERNMENT Should Shut Down the Iranian Embassy

July 15th 2012-Toronto
TD Bank has started closing the bank accounts of Iranian-Canadians under recent changes to the Special Economic Measures (Iran) Regulation, Canadian financial institutions are forbidden from providing financial services to anyone in Iran or for the benefit of Iran.

The Canadian Government has also taken a tougher stand against the Islamic Regime Embassy in Ottawa. On Tuesday July 10th 2012 Canada’s Foreign Affairs Department issued a warning to Iranian diplomats who may be using the Embassy to recruit Iranian-Canadians to serve the Islamic Regime’s interests.

Many high ranking individuals affiliated with the Islamic Regime in Iran including Mahmoud Reza Khavari the former head of the Melli (National) Bank in Iran come to Canada each year bringing along millions of dollars for investment purposes.

Canadian Banks must cooperate with the Canadian Government to identify all individuals associated with the Islamic Regime in Iran and to freeze their accounts. Millions of dollars brought to Canada by these individuals are monies stolen from the people of Iran and must be returned to the people of Iran once the current dictatorship is overthrown and a democracy is established in Iran.

In an interview with the National Post on Thursday July 11th 2012, Sayeh Hassan an Iranian-Canadian criminal defense lawyer and a pro-democracy activist stated “[Iranian-Canadians] call it the ‘house of terror (the Embassy) , ... I don’t want to see Canada become a safe haven for the Islamic regime and those affiliated with the dictatorship, rather than a safe haven for people who are running away from the dictatorship.”

In an interview with The Source Ms. Hassan stated “Iranians would not support any type of military intervention in Iran, the International Community and especially Canada can support the pro-democracy movement in Iran by isolating Iran politically, shutting down the embassy and allowing the Iranians in Iran to overthrow the Regime.

Canadian Government needs to cooperate with Canadian Finacial Institutions to prevent Canada from becoming a safe haven for individuals who are affiliated with dictatorship regimes such as the Islamic Regime in Iran!

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