CALL TO PROTEST- Say NO to the High Jacking of the Iranian Pro-Democracy Movement by Reformists in Toronto!

The anniversary of the June 9th 2009 nation wide pro-democracy protests in Iran is approaching and while opposition groups and activists inside and outside of Iran are getting ready to mark this day there are pro-reform elements in Toronto who would love nothing more than to high jack the people’s pro-democracy movement and affiliate it with reform rather than the overthrow of the Islamic Regime in Iran.

On Saturday June 9th 2012 at 2pm an event is being organized by those reformist elements in the North York Community Centre which features Mojtaba Vahedi as the main speaker.

Mojtaba Vahedi has been the senior advisor for Mehdi Karoubi since 1982 and it is my understanding that still acts as Karoubi’s advisor even though he does not live in Irananymore. That’s a 30 year long service to the Islamic Regime!

While the June 2009 pro-democracy protests were triggered by the Presidential [s]elections the protests turned radical very quickly and against the entirety of the Islamic Regime including the hardliners and the reformists. One of the most popular slogans coming out of Iranwas “Mousavi is an excuse, the entire Regime is targeted.” and the protests quickly became radical shaking the Islamic Regime to the core.

While millions of Iranians were chanting death to the Islamic Regime a small group of reformists both inside and outside of Irantried to “contain” the protests and affiliate it with a simple demand for reform rather than a complete overthrow of the Islamic Regime.

Iranians have not forgotten about the empty promises of reformists such as Khatami, Mousavi and Karoubi, nor have they forgotten about the blood shed and systematic human rights violations which took place during the two terms the so called reformist Khatami was the Iranian President.

The Islamic Regime is not capable of reform and will be overthrown by the Iranian people. As Iranian activists we must stand firm against opportunist reformist elements in Torontoand prevent them from high jacking the people’s movement which seeks the complete overthrow of the Islamic Regime.

I call on all pro-democracy opposition groups and independent activists to protest against this event (as we did in front of the Al Mehdi Mosque in April) and prevent Torontofrom becoming a comfortable home for reformists affiliated with the Islamic Regime.

Date: Saturday June 9th 2012

Time: 2:00pm

Location: North York Community Centre

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran

Long Live Freedom in Iran


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