Below is my response to the following article from the Hamilton Spectator yesterday (Jan. 11th 2012), I found the article to be nothing but an apology for the Iranian Regime which is known for its brutality and dictatorship. Anyone who is interested can log onto their site and leave a response.

The link to the original article:

While Mr. Stone seems to have had a great visit in Iran, having been invited by Iranian Government Officials, I wonder if his trip took him to any of the Iranian prisons including Evin, Gohardasht, and Sanandaj, where thousands of political prisoners are being tortured, raped and executed on a daily business.

The Iranian Regime is a Regime that has not mercy or tolerance for its own people, it is a Regime that has used violence, torture and murder for the past 32 years against its own people. It is also a Regime that has been very active in funding international terrorism, and despite Mr. Stone’s assertions it is a Regime that is on its way to developing nuclear weapons. There is no telling what the Regime is capable of doing to those who sees as its enemies once it has acquired nuclear weapons, and we should not sit and wait until it is too late.

The majority of the Iranian people do not support any type of military intervention in Iran, however many of them agree that smart sanctions which include oil sanctions, as well as total isolation of the Iranian Regime from the international community is necessary in order to weaken the Regime, and allow the Iranian people to take advantage of this weakness and overthrow the Government, before it’s too late.

Sayeh Hassan
Barrister & Solicitor
Iranian-Canadian Pro-Democracy Activist


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