Thank you Mr. Bezan for your consistent support of the pro-democracy movement in Iran

November 15, 2011

James Bezan condemns the Iranian government

Ottawa, ON - James Bezan, Member of Parliament for Selkirk-Interlake has been working diligently to expose the leadership in Iran fand reveal those in Canada associated with the government of Iran. “Iran continues to support terrorism, defiantly pursues nuclear weapons, calls for the end of the state of Israel and systematically tramples the rights of innocent Iranians,” said Bezan.
Mr. Bezan has also been consistent in denouncing the actions and ambitions of the President of Iran and has repeatedly called for the protection of Iranian refugees in Camp Ashraf in Iraq.

Recently Mr. Bezan has pointed out the disturbing circumstances of Iranians Mahmoud Reza Khavari and Mehregan Amirkhsoravi. Mr. Khavari was the previous head of Iran’s state owned bank (Bank Melli), and the Mr. Amirkhsoravi was linked to Bank Melli. This bank is connected to funding terrorism and nuclear proliferation, and both of these men are reported to be living in Canada.

“These men must not be allowed to brazenly defy and abuse our generous immigration system, and action must be taken,” said Bezan. “I implore the government to pursue all legal grounds to revoke Khavari’s reported citizenship.” MP Bezan is calling on the government to investigate Mr. Khavari.

Mr. Bezan has a long standing relationship with Iranian Pro-Democracy activists here in Canada, and they have been working together to examine the actions of the Iranian Embassy.

Last year the National Archives of Canada announced the screening of Iraniumand the Iranian Embassy attempted to prevent the viewing of this film, intimidated public servants and stifled free speech. Bezan continues to unequivocally denounce the Embassy of Iran for these undiplomatic acts.

Mr. Bezan will be screening the documentary, Iranium to parliamentarians in December.

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