Until recently Mahmoud Reza Khavari was the chairman of the board of directors of Melli Bank, the largest bank in Iran.

In the midst of a large embezzlement scandal he resigned and left Iran legally. Currently he is believed to be residing in Toronto, Ontario.

According to various media reports not only does Reza Khavari own property worth millions of dollars in Canada, he has also been able to obtain Canadian Citizenship.

The Melli Bank in Iran has been sanctioned by the US for its involvement in funding nuclear and missile programs as well as funding terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Palestine Islamic Jihad. As the head of this bank, Reza Khavari has been directly involved in these activities.

It must be noted that as the head of the largest bank in Iran Reza Khavari was a key figure within the Islamic Regime in Iran until very recently. Islamic Regime in Iran is a regime that not only systematically arrests, tortures, rapes and executes its own citizens, but is also very actively involved in funding terrorism worldwide.

It is cause for concern that such an individual has been able to obtain a Canadian Citizenship and is using Canada as a safe haven.

So far the Canadian Government has been silent on this issue, however as concerned Canadians we must urge the Canadian Government to re-open Reza Khavari’s immigration file, revoke his citizenship and freeze all his assets in Canada.

High ranking individuals within dictatorship regime’s should not be allowed to use Canada as their safe haven!

Video report in front of Reza Khavari’s home- Toronto- The English Section starts at minute 5.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran


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