Tonight I attended an event in honor and memory of Abdollah and Mohammad Fatehi two brave brothers who were recently executed by the Islamic Regime in Iran.

The event had been organized by family members and friends of Fatehi brothers. There were a number of speakers including the Uncle of Fatehi brothers and his wife. Both mother and father of Fatehi brothers also joined us via telephone conference and thanked everyone worldwide who had stood by their family during this tragic time.

While it was an emotionally difficult night for me, I also left the event with a renewed sense of strength and motivation.

I am still in awe of Fatehi brothers mother who after losing two of her sons is still able to stand strong and encourage people to come together to get rid of the Islamic Regime in Iran.

A theme that seemed to be running through the night was that we need to stop crying, we need to stand strong and united against this brutal Regime. Only with strength, unity and determination will we be able to defeat this Regime.

This takes me back to a few years ago when I wrote a post titled "Never let the enemy see you sad or defeated" I wrote that post
in honor of Akbar Mohammadi who fought against the Regime until his death in the Evin Prison and Majid Kavousifar who went to his execution with a smile on his face.

It took me a while to understand the meaning behind that smile, but I realized that there is nothing more important than standing strong, united and proud against the Regime.

Tonight I am writing this post in Honor of Fatehi brothers and their very brave mother who reminded me once again the importance of standing strong and continuing in the path of Fatehi brothers and all other freedom fighters who have gone to their death holding their heads up, with a smile on their face and with the knowladge that thousands of others would follow in their footsteps until the Islamic Regime is overthrown.

The execution of Fatehi brothers has been a unifying force among Iranians and hopefully this tragic loss will be the beginning of the end for the Islamic Regime in Iran.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran


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