As many of us are aware the Islamic Regime Embassy in Ottawa is organizing a “cultural event” called Iran the Land of Glory, which is to take place at the National Art Centre, in Ottawa on June 4th.

Given that the National Art Centre is a partially government funded entity it is extremely concerning that the National Art Centre has agreed to host an event organized by the Islamic Regime Embassy.

Due to the limited diplomatic relations between Canada and Iran there is nothing prohibiting the Regime from having this event, but the fact that it is taking place at a government funded entity gives the illusion that both the National Art Centre and the Canadian Government are supporting this event.

I would urge Canadians to not only not attend this event, which is being organized by one of the worst dictatorship regime’s in the world, but also to perhaps consider not attending any future events held at the National Art Centre to show dissatisfaction with any entity that will cater to the Islamic Regime, especially on Canadian soil.

The Islamic Regime is no longer a danger which only concerns the Iranian people. A Regime that supports international terrorism, has denied the Holocaust, has threatened the existence of Israel and is in pursuit of nuclear weapons is a danger to the International Community as a whole.

The Regime has also tried on numerous occasions to infiltrate and influence Canadian entities by threatening the National Archives, to prevent them from showing the film Iranium, or by attempting to infiltrate the RCMP Outreach Program. The Canadian Government however has always taken a strong stand against the Regime both internationally and in Canada.

I urge the Canadian Government to once again show its support for the Iranian people by preventing the Regime from having events in Government funded entities. I also urge all Canadians to voice their concern both to the National Art Centre and the Canadian Government in regards to any events being organized by a dictatorship regime which has no respect for life, liberty and culture.

Please view the following video which was created by an Iranian/Canadian activist in protest to this event.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran


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