The Islamic Regime of Iran is at it again, attempting to organize a "cultural event" at the National Art Centre in Ottawa on June 4th 2011. The Regime has been known to organize so called culltural events every so often in order to mask its true nature, and hide behind culture. This is an attempt to move the focus of Canadians and the Canadian Government away from the human rights violations, recent waive of mass executions, rape and torture in prisons and the general illegitimacy of the Regime in Iran.

This event is being organized by the Cultural Centre of Iran which is affiliated with the Islamic Regime Embassy in Ottawa. It is concerning to see that once again the Regime is attempting to show its influence and power in Canada.

I urge all freedom loving activists to write to the National Art Centre and voice your concerns over this "cultural event" organized by the Regime.

Rosemary Thompson, Director of Communications and Public Affairs of NAC (613) 947-7000

Peter Herrndorf, CEO and President of NAC (613) 947-7000


Or you can send an email from this page:

We may have to organize a protest but I am hoping it won't come to that and the National Art Centre will cancel the event. Please call and send emails as soon as you can, and circulate this as wide as possible, especially to our friends in Ottawa.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran


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