Last night two young brothers Abdollah (29) and Mohammad (27) were executed by the Islamic Regime in the city of Isfehan. Two brothers had been arrested in March of 2010 and “convicted” after mock trials without defence lawyers on charges of “involvement with anti revolutionary groups”, “armed opposition” and being a “mohareb” (enemy of God).

Last night thousands of activists awaited by their phones, TV’s and computers waiting to see whether the executions would be carried out. Thousands of activists had come together on facebook and twitter, circulating news about the brothers, writing to the authorities and hoping that the executions would be halted.

Around 7am Isfehan time the Fatehi brother's mother went inside the prison and was able to visit them one last time, although the prison guards refused to take the handcuffs off of Abdollah and Mohammad so that they could hug their mother one last time before executions. Moments after she came out of the prison two ambulances were seen going inside the prison, and the family was told to collect the bodies of the two brothers from the morgue.

While many of us are grieving the murder of two young political activists we are also faced with the immanent possibility of more executions, starting with the possible execution of Habibollah Latifi which may be carried out as early as tomorrow.

For those who may not remember Mr. Latifi is a 29 year old Kurdish activist who was “convicted” of being a “Mohareb” and “membership in the Kurdish opposition group PJAK” after being subjected to severe torture and going through the usual three minute mock trial.

Mr. Latifi’s execution had been scheduled for last December, however thanks to worldwide international campaign, as well the a major protest in front of the prison in Sanandaj, the authorities did not carry out the execution and sent it back to court for “confirmation”

According to various reports the death sentence against Mr. Latifi has once again been confirmed and has been sent to the branch carrying out sentences to be executed. There have been a number of reports suggesting the execution may be carried out tomorrow (May 18th 2011). In any event it is clear that the risk of execution of Mr. Latifi is imminent and I call on all activists and organizations who took part in the campaign of Fatehi brothers to also do what they can to stop the execution of Mr. Latifi.

Mass executions by the Regime have always signaled Regime’s fear and despair from the people. We have seen this in 1981, summer of 1988 and most recently after the June 2009 [s]elections. When the Regime feels threatened and weak it kills, it kills in order to bring fear and terror to the heart of the people. In order to make sure people are too afraid to rise up. In the past few months once again we have seen a similar pattern of almost daily executions in Iran, which can only signal the terror of the Regime from the people.

One can only hope that people of Iran will come to realize their strength, and the Regime’s fear from them. People of Iran are strong, and the Regime has gotten extremely weak, especially in the past two years, making the overthrow of the Islamic Regime a real possibility. I hope that through this tragedy and perhaps others to come we do not lose sight of this reality.

I certainly hope the recent executions by the Regime have opened the eyes of many who choose to only focus on human rights issues, ignoring the broader and the more real issue which is regime change in Iran.

In the hopes of a day when the Islamic Regime will be overthrown by the Iranian people and we will see a free, secular and democratic Iran.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran


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