Dear Friends,

I wish you all a Happy Nowruz and a wonderful year filled with happiness, health and prosperity. This is a joyous time to spend with family, friends and loved ones. During this joyous time of the year I ask you to remember all political prisoners who are spending Nowruz in Islamic Regime prisons under torture, rape and solitary confinement. Let’s remember the families of political prisoners who are not able to spend Nowruz with their loved ones.

I am dedicating this message to all freedom fighters who have been murdered in one way or another by the Islamic Regime in the past 31 years and to their families.
I sincerely hope that this will be the year we will be able to overthrow the Islamic Regime and create a secular and democratic Iran.

I urge everyone to put their difference aside wether inside or outside of Iran, because we all need each other’s help to be able to achieve this goal. In hopes of being able to celebrate Nowruz in a free, democratic and secular Iran next year.

Happy Nowruz
Sayeh Hassan


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