Every year Iranians celebrate the last Tuesday of the year by gathering in the streets and jumping over bonfires. In the recent years the Fire Festival has also been used as an excuse to gather and protests against the Regime. This year was no different and despite severe threats by the Islamic Regime Iranians came out and celebrated the fire festival and protested against the Regime.

In Tehran people burned the pictures of Khamenei (the Supreme Leader and Ahmadinejad) and chanted “Mobarak, Ben Ali, its turn of Seyed Ali.” People also jumped over bonfires, sang and danced celebrating the coming of a new year.

Iranians also came out and celebrated the fire festival in Ahvaz, Kermanshah, Rasht and Esfehan combining celebrations with protests against the Islamic Regime.

In Toronto as well Iranians gathered at the Mel-Lastman Square and also combined anti-Regime protests with the fire festival celebrations which included music and dancing. Iranians were able to bring together two things the Regime hates the most, the Lion and Sun Flag with joy and celebration.

Here is hoping that the combination of anti-regime protests and the celebrations will continue into the Persian new year.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran


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