Following the February 14th pro-democracy protests in Iran, where at least two protestors Mohammad Mokhtari and Saneh Jale were shot and murdered by the Islamic Regime, Iranians have called a nationwide pro-democracy protests on Sunday February 20th 2011.

Along with the nationwide protests a general strike has been declared in the Kurdistan of Iran on the same day. The strike is in solidarity with the nationwide pro-democracy protests and a sign of protest against the murder of the Kurdish student Saneh Jale by Regime agents.

It should be noted that worldwide protests have been organized on February 20th to show solidarity with the nationwide protests and the general strike in Kurdistan.
Activists in Toronto have organized a protest at the Mel-Lastman Square between 4-6pm in solidarity with the pro-democracy protests in Iran.

I announce my solidarity with the nationwide protests in Iran and the general strike in the Iranian Kurdistan.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran


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