Protests in Kurdish Cities:

Mahabad: Large number of protestors have gathered in and around Esteghlal Square and essentially have taken control of this area. Protestors are chanting slogans, throwing rocks at security forces and are attacking them.

Saghz: City of Saqz has joined the general strike in Kurdistan

Sanandaj: The city Sanandaj is under general strike, all stores and business areas are closed.

Protests in Tehran:

Very large number of protestors have gathered from Enghelab to Azadi square to Felestin square to Vali Asr square to Hafte Tir Square, Imam Hossein Square and Arya Shahr. Protestors are chanting death to Khamenei and their numbers are increasing by the minute.

• Protestors have completely taken over Vali-asr Square and parts of Azadi street. While the Basij and other security forces are attacking the protestors, protestors are not taking this lying down and are fighting back!

• Slogan of Death to Dictator in Sahrurdi street:
Tens of protestors gathered on this street were chanting death to dictator around 3pm Tehran time.

• Clashes in Amir Abad between protestors and security forces, while the security forces are trying to create an atmosphere of fear and terror, protestors are fighting back and are not backing down.

Protests in the City of Shiraz

•There are also protest in the city of Shiraz

City of Mashad

Strong presence of security forces in Ahmad Abad Street and Rahnamayi street in the city of Mashad. Security forces are preventing people from stopping in any one area and are pushing them to move forward.


According to Daneshjoo News: At least one protestor has been killed by security forces during the protests in Tehran.


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