According to reliable news from activists in Iran Mr. Hossein Khazri, a Kurdish Iranian political prisoner was transferred to an “unknown location” in the Orumiyeh Prison. Mr. Khezri was transferred to the Orumiye Prison about a month and a half ago from Mahabad Prison.

On July 11th 2009 Mr. Khezri was “convicted” of being a Mohareb,(enemy of God) and was sentenced to death and “endangering state security.” He was subjected to severe torture while in prison to the point where his eye sight was severely affected.

Given the recent political executions in Iran along with wide spread arrests in Kurdistan of Iran, activists are gravely concerned that Mr. Khazri may have been taken to an “unknown” location in order for the execution to be carried out.

I urge all human rights organizations and activists to circulate this news and to take immediate action to stop the possible immenent execution of Mr. Hossein Khazri.

Down With the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran


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