Today I read a very disturbing article in the National Post “Achieves Canada cancels screening of Iranian Film.” According to this article, The Free Thinking Film Society’s screening of “Iranium” (which criticizes Iran’s nuclear weapon program), scheduled for last night had been cancelled by the National Achieves of Canada.

Achieves decided to cancel the screening after receiving threats from the Islamic Regime Embassy and “the public.”

For years many of us in the Iranian community have been voicing our concern over the presence of the Islamic Regime Embassy (The House of Terror), the Regime lobbyists disguised as “bursary students,” business men/women and more obviously Islamic Regime diplomats in Canada.

Up to this point the target of these entities were the activists in the community who are fighting for Regime change in Iran. Activists receive threatening letters and emails on a regular basis, pro Regime events and conferences are organized by Regime lobbyists and bursary students whose education is being paid for by the Regime spy on activist students and intimidate them in every way possible.

Today however it seems as though the target of the Regime has changed and broadened to include not only Iranians but Canadians as well. It is obvious that the Regime and its supporters in Canada felt secure and comfortable enough to threaten the National Archives to the point where they felt unsafe to screen the film.

Fortunately both the Haritage Minister James Moore and the Immigration Minister Jason Kenny took action quickly and instructed the Library and Achieves to Honour their commitment to showing the film.

The lesson we can all take away from this is that the Islamic Regime Embassy and lobbyists in Canada are no longer the problem of Iranians alone, this is a problem that effects us all as a country and we must all come together to fight against it.


Archives Canada cancels screening of Iranian film

Heritage Minister orders showing of controversial film Iranium


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