According to news reports from “Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran” Mr. Ali Saremi (63) a political prisoner was executed this morning (Tehran time) in the notorious Evin Prison.

Mr. Saremi had spent more than 20 years in Islamic Regime prisons, subjected to brutal torture and solitary confinement for months after each arrest after which he was sentenced to long prison terms. Throughout the arrests, torture, solitary confinement and imprisonment he never gave up on his ideals and beliefs and continued to fight against the Regime.

He was last arrested in 2007 for participating and giving a speech in the 19th memorial of the mass execution of political prisoners in 1988. After three years of pre-trial custody he was sentenced to death.

According to further news from “Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran” the family of Mr. Saremi including his wife and daughter along with tens of activists had gathered n front of the Evin Prison from the night before demanding to see him, however they were not given permission. After the execution was carried out Mr. Saremi’s family and activists started protesting against the Regime, which resulted in the arrest of large number of the protestors including: Ms. Mahin Saremi and Ms. Pouya Saremi (Mr. Saremi’s wife and daughter) Ms. Mahbube Mansour, Mr. Hadi Mansouri and Mr. Akbar Sanjari as well as many unidentified protestors.

Despite the arrests and threats by the security forces there is still a large number of people who have gathered in front of the Evin Prison.

Another political prisoner Mr. Akbar Siadat who had been charged with “spying for Israel” was also executed at the Evin Prison yesterday.

My condolences go out to the families and friends of Mr. Saremi and Mr. Siadat as well as to the Iranian nation who has lost two brave men at the hands of the Islamic Regime.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran

Source: Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran


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